We are pleased to offer an online photo gallery and one-way email for camper parents. You may access this service through your CampInTouch account (same as camper forms). This service allows you a one-way window into camp life. There is no fee for access to the photo gallery and blog. You will have the ability to purchase high-resolution digital downloads, prints and photo gifts. If you’re unable to view photos at any time, you’ll want to ensure that you have the latest version of your web browser installed.

You can set up guest accounts for relatives and friends to join in on the experience of viewing camp photos and sending email through a password-protected account. Please understand our photographer strives to get all children into the photo gallery, but not all children may end up in photos. We also try our best to upload photos every other day. We are so lucky to have our photographer also working as a cabin counselor through the duration of our summer programs. Please be patient with our uploading schedule as we must balance our photographer’s time off with the occasional technological issues that may delay this process. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Camp Photos FAQ

I do not see a picture of my camper, are they ok? Yes! Just because your camper does not show up in a photo everyday does not mean there is something wrong. In fact, it is most likely that they are having a blast at AGQ and just haven’t run into the photographer recently. If there is ever a situation where your camper is not ‘ok’, whether health-related or homesick, we will contact you directly via the phone number provided on your camper’s profile.

Pictures haven’t been posted today, is there something wrong? In most cases, the photographer will not post pictures of a specific day until the day has ended! We usually see pictures posted within a day or two of when they were actually taken - but the posting schedule may vary as the photographer’s time off may dictate when a day’s photos are posted. If two days go by without seeing photos, please let us know!