Medical Care at AGQ


All Al-Gon-Quian campers are given a health screening by our camp health staff on the first day of camp. If you send medication of any kind to Camp with your camper, it must be clearly marked, in the original container, with the camper’s full name, exact description of contents and complete instruction for dosage. All medication will be kept and handled by the camp health staff for the entire session. Unmarked medication cannot be dispensed—this is a state law. Please make sure there is enough medication to last for the duration of the session. Have all medication accessible at check-in. Medications will normally be distributed at meal times and before lights out. Medications such as Tylenol and over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines are available from the Health Center if needed, at no charge. If you choose to send your camper with OTC or as needed medication, the medication will be housed in the Health Center and is accessible through consultation with our health staff. It is the policy of Camp Al-Gon-Quian not to allow campers to have any medication in their cabins or on their person. This includes but is not limited to OTC, topical creams, and vitamins.  The only exception to this policy is emergency medications. If your child has an emergency medication that is necessary to keep on their person, please review the EMERGENCY MEDICATIONS section.

We do our best at YMCA Camp Al-Gon-Quian to make your child’s experience accident and illness free. However, in the event something happens, we are well prepared. Our camp health staff treats minor cuts, scrapes and illnesses on site. Campers needing more medical attention than that which our health staff can provide will be taken to Indian River to see the physician affiliated with camp, to the Petoskey Hospital (McLaren Northern Michigan) or the Petoskey Emergency Care. We will make every attempt to reach parents in this event. If you cannot be reached, your signature on the health form authorizes us to secure proper medical attention.

A child who is sick before camp should be kept home for his/her own sake and that of others. Many communicable diseases begin with cold-like symptoms. For the health and safety of all campers, children with any form of contagious or infectious condition (lice, fever, pink eye, vomiting, etc.) may be sent home. These campers are welcome to decide to return when they are feeling better.


If your child is required to carry an emergency inhaler or epi-pen, please send a total of two to Camp: one to be kept with your child and the second to be kept in the emergency medications cabinet with the health staff in the Health Center. This ensures the medical staff will always have access to the emergency medication in case of an emergency.  If a camper only brings one inhaler or epi-pen, our policy requires that it be kept in our Health Center to ensure staff has access in the event of an emergency.