Bulling, Harassment, and Abuse

The Ann Arbor YMCA and Camp Al-Gon-Quian will not tolerate bullying. Children who are found to be bullying (including, but not limited to verbal abuse, physical abuse such as hitting, punching, pinching, spitting, kicking, emotional abuse and destruction of property) will have proper disciplinary actions taken, up to and including being sent home at their parents’ expense without refund. Please tell your camper that if he or she is being bullied or harassed to immediately inform a staff member. Bullying can and will be ended immediately once the staff members are aware of the occurrence. Staff members receive training on the topic and strive to ensure all campers have a positive, safe experience at AGQ.

It is the policy of the Ann Arbor YMCA and Camp Al-Gon-Quian that behavior classified as any kind of harassment or abuse will not be tolerated by staff or campers. Such behavior results in immediate dismissal or termination and, if applicable, contacting of authorities.