Bedwetting & Homesickness


Our staff is trained to deal with bedwetting discreetly. Please notify your child’s counselor at check-in and on the camper information form if this is an issue. Our staff will work with your child in the same preventative manner that is used at home (i.e. avoiding liquids after a certain hour). Campers should be instructed to ask their counselor for help and every effort will be made to prevent bedwetting. While we do have washing facilities at Camp, we suggest parents consider sending extra pajamas and sleeping bag/sheets if you believe your child may wet the bed while at Camp.


Going away to camp for a week or more can be a challenging experience for a child of any age, and anxiety is perfectly normal. It is the policy of Camp Al-Gon-Quian to keep our campers involved in constant activity so as to reduce the feeling of homesickness. Temporary homesickness is a normal reaction, particularly for new campers. Parents can help prevent problems by being positive and excited about camp. Parents can also let their child know that missing home is normal, but it will pass if the camper really tries to get into the fun. Do not panic if you receive a homesick letter from your child. Usually by the time you receive it, your child is having a great time.

With proper handling by the staff, campers and parents, homesickness can be overcome and the camper can make a big stride in maturing. We welcome this opportunity to help youngsters grow in this area and we train our staff to handle homesickness in constructive and loving ways. However, if homesickness is extreme after a brief adjustment period and is interfering with the child’s camp experience, we will call parents to discuss the situation. By working together with you, we are confident that healthy adjustments can be made.